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A square man-hole cover? What's that about? Man-hole covers are round, right? Why? Do you remember your high school algebra? a squared + b squared = c squared. If you take a square cover, remove it turn it so that its sides are facing the c...orners then it can fall. Any side is smaller then the diagonal. Crash, bam, alec-a-zam! What a headache for the poor guy below! Round man-hole covers can't do that! Morale of the story? Don't be square!

.Who doesn't remember that scene from When Harry Met Sally? You know! Well, that scene was shot at Katz Deli on E Houston Street. The sign reveals exactly where Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan were seated. I asked the owner of Katz if it was real or a fake. His reply, "It was the food!" Bit into a hot pastrami sandwich at Katz and you may have one too!

" The Great One" the name anointed to celebrate the persona of Jackie Gleason. He stands proudly in front of the world's largest bus terminal "Port Authority" at 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. There's a bus depot in Sunset Brooklyn bearing his name and did you know that when you enter Brooklyn on The Brooklyn Bridge there's a street sign "Welcome to Brooklyn, how sweet it is!"

.This charmer must have escaped from Creadmore, the hospital, in Queens, for those whose reality is well, unreal. Perhaps he was the birdman of Creadmore. At 8th Ave and 47th Street, while touring, my guests got a surprising bonus! The parrot, holding the dollar squawked "Polly want a $" What a way to make a living. Can you see the dog too? What a trio? Only in New York City.

.No matter how you slice it there's only one best pizza place in Manhattan that serves the best pizza. But, don't take my word for it! A recent article in The Wall Street Journal cited Pizza Suprema located on 8th Avenue between 30th and 31st Street as tops, and in my opinion and in the opinion of my tour guests whom I've taken there it is! Mangia! You can't beat it with a stick!

You gotta love this guy! Why? Because he's productive, making an honest buck, recycling, cleaning up trash and smiling! That's the spirit! He's happy with what he has and what he does. Let's stop complaining and moaning about the car we can't afford, the purse we want, the trip we can not afford and be grateful for what we have. I asked his what he was going to do with the money he got and he told me that he was going to hire an assistant to increase his business. That's New York!

Crime in New York City in the 1970's, 1980's was out of control; so much so that The Statue of Liberty had both hands up! The tablet that was held in her hand had been place in a vault for safe keeping. Fortunately we have returned it to it's rightful place. :)

George Washington not only slept here but he also made . . . here:). He fled to northern Manhattan after the disastrous Battle of Brooklyn, the worst and first major battle in the Revolutionary War. The Morris-Jumel Mansion at 161st Street the oldest house in Manhattan and that's where he slept, if he could sleep at all. Other body functions went on, unabated, and his toilet, above was so advanced that he never needed a plumber!

Here's sa guy who is not a gardener looking for a lawn job. Unlike landscapers his definition of grass and weed are the same! Like most New Yorkers is knows how to promote, has a sense of humor, is creative and focused, at least until he accomplishes his mission!:)

Our squirrels are smart, just like New York humans! They're not nuts, they store nuts. Thinking ahead, planning for the future ensures their success. The picture provides evidence that they are "making it here" as the song goes. Come to Central Park and watch them play, climb and prepare for the winter. Winter? What's that. We admire them, love them and learn a lot from them. I'll be they're on facebook and don't hit the return key as often as I do. Bye, Cliff Strome.

Willyburg Bridge at nightfall. Over there in Brooklyn that's where and when the games begin. Looking for a bar in Willyburg? You must be blind!

"I'm on the outside looking in?" Duh! Who wrote that sign? Are inside tables outdoor? If they don't get the sign right how about the food? Seems to me that an upside down pizza would be right side up and a left over would be a right over.

Here's a couple hanging out who opted now to "do" the Hamptons. I suppose that they decided to spend the day enjoying their luxury terrace on the lower eastside rather then rev up their BMW and make the trek on the LIE. Less is more, please pass the mac and cheese, please!

Here we go again! Five ladies on their way to rev up the night, in full regalia to a banquet at the Waldorf, a fund raiser for The Tea Party, no doubt. They're dressed for an all night party with Mr. Santorum and Rush Limbaugh! Can't wait to post the video. Gotta run, I don't want to be late!

Mr. Klitschko is the heavyweight boxing World Champion, he's the guy on the right, don't be confused! He booked a tour with Custom & Private for a Russian speaking guide who became speechless when he learned that he would be seated for four hours next to the world's best fighter. I told him that I'd be happy to join them so that he would be safe. He declined to accept my offer suggesting that he could handle him. The tour was a "knockout!!

Manhattanites have the lowest body weight of any county in The United States. We must replace our seats on the subway!

Not all New York City skyscrapers are made of glass and steel!

1 Fifth Avenue is the most beautiful example of a "wedding cake" building in New York. The building code of 1916 required that for tall buildings, those whose height exceeded two and one-half times the distance from the building across the ...street. Further height required the architect to indent the building one foot for every five feet of additional height. That rule has been modified in the 1960's due to changing styles and other the implementation of of other codes, setbacks, etc.

Now that's refreshing! An ad that makes a lot of sense. We're seeing more and more of that in New York City lately. Let's hope that people take heed and reduce their speed and quit texting while driving! So dumb!

Now That's New York! These bro's entertained the crowd on the subway with a terrific dance routine. After their performance I held up a $5 bill and requested, "Strike a pose!" and look what I got! New York City is about connecting with people and "dat's dat, and der's notin'' you can do about it!! :)

If you don't love NEW YORK CITY then you're tired of life. Where else will you find all the shapes and sizes, flavors and colors of life? Whether it's art, drama, literature, science, philosophy, architecture, photography, knitting, music, sculpture, politics, research, religion, etc. Ans. Nowhere!! I love New York (City)
How about YOU!

Taking pictures on the subway with an iphone captures the essence of this great city. People are unaware that they're being shot! The individual space, their consciousness among the masses, encapsulated in their own worlds while they glide beneath the streets on their way to their destinations, work, family or fun. It's fascinating that so many are so close to each other yet they dwell in their own worlds.

While on a tour with Cliff Strome in Harlem we encountered a piano being moved. It was a perfect photo op as well as a perfect excuse for some of us to give an impromptu mini-concert!


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